Jewelry Repair


We have a fully staffed in-store full service repair department, including two goldsmiths and a certified GIA Gemologist, who can help you with all of your jewelry repair needs.

We offer FREE jewelry cleaning and inspection. We recommend that you bring your jewelry in every six months for a professional cleaning and inspection, to ensure that the setting is secure and retains its beauty.

  • We offer a number of repair services, including the following:
  • Ring sizing, straightening, and soldering
  • Ring shank repair, replacement, and adjustable shank installation
  • Prong inspection, repair, and replacement
  • Stone head replacement and resetting
  • Diamond and colored stone setting, including prong setting, channel setting, and more
  • Rhodium finishing
  • Pearl restringingrepair2.jpg
  • Watch battery replacement and movement  cleaning or repair when needed 

Do you have a special stone or piece that you’d like to have re-done into something new? We can also help

you with all of your re-mounting needs. You select the new mounting that’s just your style and we’ll take your existing stones and mount them in the new piece. Or, we can custom make you a special piece that’s all your own.

We also offer full service engraving services for all of your engraving and personalization needs.

If you have a clock that is in need of service, we can also take care of these needs as well.