Our Services

Our Commitment to You

We strive to offer knowledgeable, friendly service and provide the finest quality jewelry at the best price. We guarantee our merchandise and repairs against defect in material. However, we cannot assume responsibility for customer negligence concerning the care of their jewelry items. Therefore, here is a brief tutorial on items requiring special care. Although gemstones are among the most durable substances, even the hardest gemstone is vulnerable to breakage with a single well-placed blow. Opals, Pearls, Emeralds, and Tanzanite for example, require very delicate care. Some gemstones are porous and can absorb or sustain damage from chemicals like ammonia and cleaning products. Even hairspray, perfume, and cosmetics can cause damage over time. Never place these gemstones into an ultrasonic bath. Items with an external finish may degrade over time due to exposure to perspiration and body oils. Remember cleaning and inspection is always free at Skewes Jewelry. 

Appraisals are performed by our Certified Gemologists trained by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) & the American Gem Society (AGS). We are happy to provide you with a free written appraisal for any item purchased at Skewes Jewelry. We appraise jewelry purchased elsewhere for a nominal fee.

Cleaning and Inspection
We will clean your jewelry and check the settings free of charge. We recommend this be done at least twice a year. Our jeweler will inspect the settings to help prevent any possible damage or loss of your stones. However, Skewes Jewelry is not responsible for the loss of stones due to worn prongs and settings when cleaning.

Custom Design
Have something unique in mind but can’t find it anywhere? We’re happy to assist you through the process of designing a completely new piece. We’ll work with you to ensure the durability of the design as well as its beauty. Ask a sales associate how to create the jewelry of your dreams!

Our in-store engravers will gladly engrave and personalize any jewelry or gift item. This service is performed by hand or machine, depending on the piece.

Skewes Jewelry now offers financing options through Wells Fargo Financial Retail Services. One brief application can allow you to take home the jewelry you desire with the comfort to pay for it over time. “Same as cash” and other payment plans are available to fit your needs. Let us help you make it possible.

Gift Certificates
We offer gift certificates in any denomination.

Gift Wrapping
This additional service is completely free of charge.

Jewelry Repair
We have two repairmen trained in myriad aspects of jewelry repair. We can repair rings, earrings, pendants, chains, pins, watches, and bracelets. Resetting stones in their original mounting or a completely new style can be done on the premises. We also repair costume jewelry. Estimates regarding repairs are always free.

Jewelry Restyling
If an item in your jewelry box has gone out of style or you simply want to try something new, bring it to us. We’ll work with your specifications to create something fresh and exciting.

Pearl and Bead Restringing
Skewes Jewelry can restring any worn or broken necklaces or bracelets. Whether it is pearls or beads of any sort we will always clean your jewelry before restoring it. This can be done in many different styles and we’re glad to work with you to create the perfect look.

White Gold Enhancement
You would be amazed by what a good clean and polish can do for your jewelry, especially rings. White gold pieces may need an extra step to make them shine like new again. We are aware that most white gold jewelry items are rhodium finished, thus giving a whiter color to the completed piece. The rhodium finish is not, however, a permanent treatment and wears off over time. This finish can be reapplied anytime by Skewes Jewelry at your request.